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Biology Resource Center Fall 2014
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Bepko Learning Center

815 W. Michigan St.
Taylor Hall, UC 2006
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Study Cycles
This video can help you learn how to use processes to structure your study activities so that material is systematically processed.

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Learning Styles
This video helps you discover your unique learning style to help you identify study habits ideal for you.

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This video describes proper note-taking techniques with excellent examples to maximize your note-taking proficiency.

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Time Management
This video presents methods of organizing, planning, and tracking your time to enhance your time-management skills.

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Apr 26
Exam Jam: HPER-P 205 HPER P205 Exam Jam on April 26th 2015 ...
Apr 26
Exam Jam: BUS-X100 BUS-X100 Exam Jam ...
Apr 26
Exam Jam: BIOL-N261 BIOL-N 261 Exam Jam ...
Apr 26
Exam Jam: BIOL-N 214 BIOL-N 214 Exam Jam ...
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