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Structured Learning Assistance (SLA)

Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) is an exciting and unique program that combines the idea of “what to learn” with “how to learn” through weekly sessions led by a fellow student who has already demonstrated the ability to perform well in class.

  • SLA is a mandatory, 1.25 hours-per-week directed study and practice session. Students are automatically signed up for these sessions upon registering for the corresponding class.
  • Through collaborative efforts, mentors implement study skills to help students master course content and form study teams.
  • Students acquire knowledge and skills and develop characteristics necessary for future academic success.
  • Students are given content-specific background information to assist them in making connections to the homework and lectures of the class.

SLA sessions are offered for the following courses:
BIOL-K 101
BIOL-K 103
HPER-P 205
SPEA-J 101 Themed Learning Community

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