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Office of Academic Mentoring

The central focus of the Office of Academic Mentoring is to provide support services to academic peer mentoring programs in various courses. It is our mission to recruit, train, and develop highly qualified student mentors to provide students with assistance in successfully navigating through these courses. Promoting communication and collaboration between students, mentors, and instructors is a core principle of the Office of Academic Mentoring. Continued development and sustainability is maintained through ongoing training, seminars, consistent meetings, and campus and community outreach.

The vision of the Office of Academic Mentoring is to serve as the premier gateway for students, staff, and faculty in all operations of academic mentoring.    

  • Support Academic Mentoring
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • University College Courses
  • Observation/Evaluation of Program
  • Support Meetings
  • Faculty Outreach
  • Campus Collaboration

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