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Tutor Matching Service

Tutor Matching Service (TMS) is a service that encompasses a fully integrated marketplace for students to search for tutors by subject, view introductory videos of the tutors, browse a tutor's availability, and schedule tutoring sessions. TMS offers the following features:
  • TMS allows for tutors to market themselves to students.
  • Students are required to evaluate, rate, and give feedback after a tutoring session.
  • Tutors update their availability on the application, and students can book appointments.
  • Students may search for tutors by name, course, or subject area.

Tutor Matching Service from Tutor Matching Service on Vimeo.

Are you looking for a tutor? 

1. Check out free tutoring departmental tutoring options available on campus. 
2. Check out Tutor Matching Service to find a private tutor. 
3. If you are unable to find free departmental tutoring or a private tutor on Tutor Matching Service, complete a tutor request form. The tutor request form will prompt the Bepko Learning Center to connect you with a tutor and attempt to search for a tutor for you if needed.

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