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Mind Map Method

Creating mind maps is a powerful, highly effective, visual note-taking method that aids in the memorization of information by organizing and rearranging material in a logical manner, highlighting the relationships between different topics. Information is organized from general to more specific, creating a skeleton that allows you to better understand the overall structure of the topic at hand.

How to Use
  • Turn a large, blank sheet of paper horizontally (use a 11 x 17 inch sheet, if possible)
  • Write the major concept in the center of the page and circle it
  • Add and circle any main ideas related to this concept; these ideas should connect to the major concept through lines radiating outward from the center
  • Record any details supporting the main idea, using lines to connect them to the main idea
  • Construct a new mind map for each major concept

  • Be brief (write only keywords, not lengthy sentences)
  • Use shorthand, abbreviations, symbols, images, and different colors to highlight different ideas and relationships
  • Jot notes along the margin of your paper to help you better understand relationships between various mind maps

Adapted from: Wong, L. (2006). Essential study skills (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin.
Information provided above can also be downloaded by clicking here: Mind Map Method Handout

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